Isiaka Ajani-Lawal

Isiaka Ajani-Lawal

Executive Director

Isiaka Ajani-Lawal is a seasoned banking executive with extensive experience in finance and also passionate about solving business problems of all kinds, including strategic, operational, regulatory issues.

His experience cuts across managing multicultural environments, sales and marketing of financial services, credit and relationship management, business analysis and development, and strategy formulation and implementation.

Throughout his career, Isiaka Ajani-Lawal has been driven by intellectual curiosity to find answers to workplace problems and leveraging his expertise in strategy design, execution and management, as well as stakeholder management for customers and partners.

A highly focused individual with a penchant for sales and marketing, performance management, employee engagement, leadership development, and innovation, Isiaka also possesses good interpersonal skills and is an excellent communicator.

His cognitive inquisitiveness forms the foundations for his scholarly achievements as a lifelong learner. He also holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from the University of Liverpool, in addition to his many educational qualifications.


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